I am an avowed internet designer who loves to create websites, take photos and create clipart!  I also love animals so this site combines all those features!

All my contributions are free to be used on the internet, as is all the clipart and photos on this site.   In exchange, if possible, a link back to this website would be appreciated.

If you have any questions, or would like a print version of any of any of my art, you can contact me at dustie@dustie.com.  

Most my images have larger higher resolution versions, but not all.  I do charge a fee of 2.50 for each photo or clipart of mine that you plan to use offline (5.00 if you want it personalized with name or logo) unless you are a not for profit organization.  If you are not for profit, I do not charge, but I do request you email me before you use any of the images.  We artists love to know where our work is being put to good use!

Enjoy the graphics! 

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